The Guidelines


Midnight Pacific Standard Time November 30th, 2011.

The deadline has been extended to Midnight Pacific Standard Time December 15th for UNPUBLISHED ORIGINAL STORIES ONLY!

What we want:

All horror stories welcomed! No restriction on the genre. One story per author.

Stories should be a minimum of 2,500 words and a maximum of 10,000 words. Obviously exceptions can be made based on story quality.

What we don’t want:

- No porn (sex is okay if it’s valid to the story, but try not to overdue it.)
- Swearing is fine as long as it fits in the story.
- No stories that involve extreme violence/rape of children/animals

Any story you have, new or previously published, can be submitted. Please make sure the contract on any published work has expired before submitting.

What we’re making: A collaboration of horror that will be sold on as an e-book with ALL proceeds going to charity (charity yet to be decided).

What you get: I'm sure we can work something out for an author's copy, but since all proceeds go to charity, I ask the authors to consider purchasing the book to help a greater cause.

Submissions welcome from everywhere: USA, Canada, UK, Europe, anywhere and everyone is welcome to submit for a noble cause.

What to send:

Make sure your contact information is on the first page of your story.

Make all stories SINGLE SPACED and, please, no tabs. Flush to the left.

Any words you want in Italics should be in Italics and also underlined.

Also, please send in Georgia font.

RTF (wordpad) or Microsoft word (.doc) preferred.

If there are software compatibility problems, then we’ll find a solution!

Where to send it:

Send submission when it’s ready via email to

Please also use the same email address for any questions not addressed here.