Monday, October 3, 2011

Only One More Day to Vote!

Tomorrow is the last day to vote for your charity of choice, people, so get your votes in before it's too late! Votes will be tallied and the announcement will be made no later than October 7th. See our prior post for the links to each charity's website. We now have a few new established contributors to announce as well.

I want to assure new or unestablished writers who are interested in submitting their stories that we will consider every story that comes to us regardless of publishing history. We would like to have a good mix of established and unestablished writers in this collection. But most importantly we want the best damn stories we can get in this collection so we can give the charity everyone chooses together the best chance of getting the most money they can! We like to find new favorites just as much as we like having our current favorites contribute.

Also, if you would like to be a slush reader and don't plan on submitting, email us at with the words Slush Reader in the subject.

Thanks and good luck to all those submitting!

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